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Teacher Oliver

2007 Summer Camp

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2007 Summer Camp
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2007 Summer Camp

2007 Summer Camp

2007 summer everything

from 2nd of July to 31st of August 2007



Good morning / Good afternoon

Good morning dear Earth. Good morning dear Sun. Good morning dear Wind.

Good morning to the trees and dear flowers everyone.

Good morning to the beasties and birds in the trees.

Good morning to you and good morning to me.



The Wind and The Sun & A Whitsun Daisy Story



The ceiling above our heads. The floor beneath our feet.

The walls around us stand. The windows look outside.



Good morning when it’s morning. Good night when it is night.

Good evening when it’s dark out. Good day when it is light.

Good morning to the sunshine. Good evening to the sky.

And when it’s time to go away, good bye good bye good bye.


Games Activities:

The Whitsun Daisy Flower says: Mmmm, I wish I could have two feet, a body and two hands so I could play Dutch Football. Monkeys, do you want to play? Yes. Pandas, do you want to play? Yes. Let’s go!

(The room is divided into four sections with chalked lines. The pack is divided into four teams, one standing in each section with a ball. On the word ‘GO’, all the students must try to keep the balls out of their section by kicking or throwing them away. On the call ‘PACK’, they must all stop dead where they are and any section that has no balls gets a point.)



Over in the meadow in the pond in the sun, Lived an old mother duck and her little duck 1. Quack, said the mother. I quack said the 1. And they quacked and were happy in the pond in the sun.


Song and Poem:

Underneath my big umbrella I can hear the rain

Underneath my roof of yellow, singing down the lane.

Pichi pichi chapu chapu ran ran ran

Underneath my big umbrella I can see the sun

Down I bring my roof of yellow for the rain is done.

Pichi pichi chapu chapu ran ran ran


Games Activities: (Memory game.)

Can you remember? One day, the Whitsun Daisy Flower wakes up and finds out she has forgotten everything. Can you help her remember? Look carefully at these cards.


Games Activities:

One day the Whitsun Daisy Flower invites her friends for lunch. Suddenly it started to rain. Summer rain. Summer storm. Quick! Flowers open their umbrellas to cover their petals. (Have the players seated in a circle and select one to be ‘it’. He stands in the circle leaving his chair empty. When he commands ‘shift to the right’, the person who the empty chair on his right shifts to it. ‘it’ tries to get a seat.)


Drawing and Song:

Five little fishies swimming in the pool.

First one said the pool is cool. Second one the pool is deep.

Third one said I want to sleep. Fourth one said let’s dive and sleep.

Fifth one said I spy a ship. Fisherman’s boat comes. Line goes ker-splash.

Away the five little fishes dash.


Songs and Poems:

Fishes fishes where are you? Can you tell me where they are?

Fishes fishes Here they are. Some are swimming in the pond / river.


Games Activities:

Under the Whitsun Daisy Flower, deep under the surface, there is water, underground water…

(Two chairs are set up about three meters apart. This is the entrance to the harbor. One boy is blindfolded and stands in the entrance to guard it. The rest of the students are submarines and try to get through the entrance without being caught by the guard.)


Songs and Poems:

Father, Mother and me, Sister and Auntie say,

All the people like us are we, And every one is they.



Little flowers, little flowers, with your colors bright. Look above now to the sky full of warmth and light. 

Praise the lovely golden sun, he who gave us birth. Little flowers, fallen stars, shining on the earth. 



Dandelion, yellow as gold, What do you do all day? 

I wait and I wait in the tall green grass till the children come to play. 



Father, Mother and me, Sister and Auntie say, All the people like us are we, And every one else is they.


Poem / Song: 

Summer goodbye, Summer goodbye. You may no longer stay.

Autumn is on its way. Summer goodbye, Summer goodbye.



In and out and round the house, round the house, round the house,

In and out and round the house, there's lots of work to do.

Bring a boom and sweep the floor, ... to make it bright and clean.

Bring your soap and scrub the floor, ... to make it bright and clean.

Will you come and dance with me, ... our work is done, hurray.


Relay Race:

Indoor / Outdoor

Formation: Teams

A relay race is a race between two or more teams, in which each team member participates in only a set part of the race and is then relieved by another member of the team.

During a relay race, members of a team take turns swimming or running (usually with a stick) parts of a circuit or performing a certain action. Relay races take the form of professional races and amateur games.


Story Time: The Sly Fox and The Red Hen