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Teacher Oliver

2008 2009 S2 Class 2

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Morning Verse  for School Year 2008/09 Semester 2
The sun is in my heart. He warms me with his power,
And wakens life and love In bird and beast and flower.
With joy I greet the morning sun
Who shines with love on every one
Who shines in the sky, on the land and sea,
And who fills me with light When he shines on me.
Good morning (afternoon) to you and Good morning (afternoon) to me.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Class 2-3
-- 2009 2/11 ~ 3/01 -- Language -- Grimm Story -- Chinese Story -- Chinese Horoscope -- Year of the ox
Story: 金牛星 
Once upon a time, people are very hungry. People are starving.
The Jade Emperor looks down and feels sad.
He orders 金牛星 to go down to Earth and tell the people:
- If you work hard, you can eat three days a week. 
But 金牛星 misunderstands and tells people: 
- The Jade Emperor says you can have three meals every day if you work hard. 
And the cow returns to the palace. The Jade Emperor is angry. 
- Cow, you are wrong. Now, you must go down to help people.
You must work hard. You must plant the grains.
So people can eat three meals a day, as you promised. 
Therefore the cow is punished and stays on Earth to help people.
Ox and cow, Behold them now Behold what work they do.
Each gives their gifts to help mankind. Such selfless work they do.
The cow, placid and gentle, She chews the whole day through.
All day long she chews the cud, Working miracles for mankind’s good.
Ox and cow, Behold them now Behold what work they do.
Each gives their gifts to help mankind. Such selfless work they do.
The ox is a beast of burden, He toils the whole day through.
Pulling the plough as best he can; Bearing heavy loads for man.
Song: STTD 12
Come, little Sennerin, call all the cows in,
Put on your shoes for it's time to go milking.
First milk Damelin, Rosa, Fagelin.
Tu-tu-tu the horn calls, drive them home safely when night falls.
Tu-tu-tu the horn calls, drive them home safely when night falls.
ox, cow, buffalo, musk, ox, bull
Game: Who has the ring?
Can you guess who has the ring, as we pass it on the string.
Move it left, move it right, always keep it out of sight.
-- 2009 3/02 ~ 3/22 -- Nature Gardening -- Peter Rabbit -- Mud
When March Wind blows, 'Who-oo-oo-oo,'  
In a soft and gentle way,
He's saying, 'Take your snowsuit off,  
I'm blowing warm today.' 
Outdoor work:
Preparing the rice field
Planting the rice crops
Making a scarecrow
Making a net
Story of the little mouse and the little bird who live in the campus, are hungry and are waiting for the rice to grow. So how do we protect the rice from them?
Poem: Our Night Visitor by C. Owen 
A bunny came to call last night. 
I did not see him – That is right. 
But he was there; here is how I know – 
He nibbled at my carrot row. 
Oh the lord is good to me
And so I thank the lord
For giving me the things I need
The rain the sun and the apple seed
The lord is good to me.
Poem - Chant - Song:
Planting rice is never fun, Bent from morn till the set of sun,
Cannot stand and cannot sit,  Cannot rest for a little bit! 
When the early sunbeams break,  You will wonder as you awake,
In what muddy neighbourhood,  There is work and the pleasant food?
Planting rice is no fun, Bent from morn till set of sun;
Cannot stand, Cannot sit,  Cannot rest a little bit.
Oh, my back is like to break,  Oh, my bones with the damp still
ache, And my legs are numb and set,  From their long soaking in the wet.
It is hard to be so poor,  And such sorrow and pain endure,
You must move your arms about,  Or you'll find you must go without!
-- 2009 3/23 ~ 4/19 -- Maths
We are five very little creatures,
All of different voices and features.
One of us in glass is set.
One of us you will find in jet.
The other you may see in tin.
The fourth a box within.
It can never fly from you.
(introduction to the 5 vowels: a, e, i, o, u)
I (can) see the sun. The sun (can) see(s) me.
I (can) see the moon. The moon (can) see(s) me.
I (can) see the stars. The stars (can) see me.
I (can) see you. You (can) see me.
This is the key of the kingdom.
In that kingdom there is a city.
In that city there is a town.
In that town there is a street.
In that street there winds a lane.
In that lane there is a yard.
In that yard there is a house.
In that house there waits a room.
In that room an empty bed.
And on that bed a basket.
A basket of sweet flowers,
Of flowers, of flowers.
A basket of sweet flowers.
Story: the monkey king
Many years ago, a group of monkeys lived in a deep forest. One day, when they were playing upon a rock, suddenly, a big stone shook right and left. HONG !
The stone exploded and small stones flew everywhere. The monkeys were shocked and ran to hide themselves.
A few minutes later, they came out and saw a monkey with golden hair jumping out from the stone. They played together.
The stone monkey was speedy and brave. There was a huge waterfall in the forest. No one dared to go in there, but he jumped down directly.
He found a huge cave behind the waterfall. There were many natural stone beds, stone tables and stone chairs.
All the monkeys moved in and they called this place 'Shoei-Lian-Dong'. The stone monkey became the leader of them.
One day, an old monkey died. 'I can't stay here for my whole life. I have to find out the magic of immortality.' He thought.
He traveled over hills and rivers, and found an immortal in the deep mountain finally. After eight years, he fulfilled his wish.
When he left, the immortal gave him a piece of flying cloud. With it, the stone monkey could travel one thousand miles a day.
As he flew back to Shoei-Lian-Dong, he saw a monster there. The stone monkey defeated the monster easily.
He then thought he should have his own weapon. So he went to the dragon king and borrowed a pillar from his palace.
The magic rod could be larger and smaller, longer and shorter as he wished. With the magic rod, he defeated other monsters.
But he also made troubles in Heaven. One day, he was bored. He ate all the magic peaches that grew every one hundred years.
Thus, the Jade Emperor degraded him to take care of the horses. The monkey felt insulted. He refused the new job.
He fought with the soldiers in Heaven. Although he thought he was peerless, Buddha defeated him at last.
To punish the stone monkey, Buddha trapped him under the Five Finger Mountain for five hundred years.
Actually, he was the famous monkey, Suen-Wuh-Kong, who accompanied Tarng-San-Tzang to the west in search of Buddha's holy book.
Poem by Eileen Hutchins
The sun says “I glow,”
The wind say “I blow,”
The stream says “I flow,”
The plant says “I grow,”
And man says “I know.”
-- 2009 4/20 ~ 5/11 -- Language
-- 2009 5/12 ~ 5/31 -- Nature
Story: The Fox and the Crow - Aesop's fable
Once upon a time a Fox sees a Crow with a piece of cheese in her beak.
The Fox sits down beneath the tree and calls,
"Good day, Mistress Crow! How well you are looking!
How bright your eyes! How glossy your feathers!"
 The Crow is pleased. She loves to be flattered.
"I am sure your voice is even more beautiful than your feathers,"
The Fox says.  "Won't you sing a song for me, O Queen of Birds?"
The Crow is so pleased she can hardly sit still.
She lifts her head high, closes her eyes.
She opens her beak to sing: CAW-C-CAW-W-W
The cheese falls to the ground, in front of the Fox.
"Thank you Mistress Crow," he said to the unhappy bird.
-- 2009 6/01 ~ 6/21 -- Maths
@ Song:
I thought I heard an old man say,
O John Kanaka, naka, too-la-ay
Today, today is a sailing day
O John Kanaka, naka, too-la-ay
(variation: Today is a holiday)